Friday, June 17, 2011

Review: SOUL SEARCH Bury The Blame (Triple-B Records)

Bury the Blame is the debut EP from LA's SOUL SEARCH, and it's a banger. Four tracks of New York style hardcore in the vein of DMIZE, OUTBURST, and BREAKDOWN. This is a great follow up to their 2010 demo, everything has progressed from the songwriting to Omar's vocal delivery.

They keep it bouncy and mid-paced throughout with a few well placed mosh parts. The stand out track here for me would have to be the opening track, "Stuck" (check that song out HERE). It opens the record up perfectly with a lengthy intro before hitting you full force once the first verse opens up. The mosh part at the end is probably the hardest on the record and will definitely have kids going nuts.

Lyrically this record is on the personal side. Omar seems to be dealing with some demons in his head and is carrying a lot of weight of on his shoulders due to past mistakes. He is admitting that these are his problems to deal with and accepting the fact the he has been at fault and is the reason that he is the way he is.

All in all, a great record, and like I mentioned before, a perfect follow up to their demo. It should be up to order soon on the Triple-B Records site (see link below), or you can get it on SOUL SEARCH'S current US tour with EXPIRE, MINUS, and TWITCHING TONGUES. Go see them and pick this bad boy up.

Triple-B Records


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